Mirakul 30 - Hardtop


The durable and safe Mirakul vessels for the most demanding sea conditions with the most rigorous endurance tests have proven to be among the best in the class of multi-day family cruise vessels as well as charter, sport and recreational vessels. On our vessels special attention is paid to detail, and high quality of performance and original design ensure a harmonious stay on board with rich standard equipment at affordable prices.


Technical data
Length 9.20 m
Beam 3.03 m
Draft 1.04 m
Fuel tank 400 L
Water tank 150 L
Empty vessel weight 3800kg
Minimum engine power 1×181 KW / 245 HP
Maximum engine power 1x 250 KW / 335 HP
Number of passengers: 8

Three models of motor yachts Mirakul are available:

Mirakul 30 – Hardtop,
Mirakul 30 S – sport open
and new Mirakul 40 Hardtop


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Mirakul 30 S - Sport Open